It's a beautiful Summer!

Summer is here and before you know it School will be following & we will be dashing into fall.. I hope you have all had time to enjoy the beauty of each day. Remember to protect your skin and hair from the harsh sun and chemicals in the pool. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! We are currently selling out of our Loma & Kevin Murphy lines so if there is anything you need. Please come in soon. It is all 20% OFF!

We are also currently selling ALL TANNING LOTIONS 50% OFF while they last! So Hurry in!

Have an amazing day!



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Master Artist Womens Haircut - 38.00

Master Artist Mens Haircut - 28.00

Master Artist Child Haircut - 23.00


Junior Artist Womens Haircut 28.00

Junior Artist Mens Haircut 23.00

Junior Artist Child Haircut 20.00