Mens Haircut $5.00 OFF Every Monday!

   8.00 Haircuts: Law Enforcement, Active Duty Service Men &           Women, Fire & Rescue. For all you do for the community.

  * Please come in with an ID and your haircut is only 8.00 *

      Salon Specials   

Kevin Murphy & Loma Bring back your shampoo or conditioner bottle and refill it for 10% off new purchase cost .

Recycle Program

Refill Program

Bring back any bottle and recive 10% of your next purchase the same product.

       51 Elliot Street Brattleboro Vermont                 Salon Services

Master Artist Womens Haircut - 38.00

Master Artist Mens Haircut - 28.00

Master Artist Child Haircut - 23.00


Junior Artist Womens Haircut 28.00

Junior Artist Mens Haircut 23.00

Junior Artist Child Haircut 20.00